Small Business Loans

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Small Business Loans

Freedom Financial is dedicated to providing small business owners the financial freedom you deserve. We understand that each business is unique. We therefore work with entrepreneurs and
small business owners oering innovative financial solutions to suit your specific needs. We are dedicated to serving the Caribbean community with easy access to financing through our Freedom
Biz Loans.

Freedom Biz Loans can help if you:

  • Have identified a suitable niche market through which you can expand.
  • Need to invest in equipment and infrastructure to grow your business.
  • Looking to make the most of an upcoming sales period.
  • Need to supplement your cash flow for outstanding revenues or pending obligations.

If you operate a business in one of these areas, MicroBiz can help you:




  • The business is owned and operated by a Citizen or Legal Resident, eligible to work in the country.
  • Commercially viable business venture operating within the laws.
  • Generating revenues.
  • Have not declared bankruptcy.
  • Achieved profitability and are up-to-date with bills and other credit obligations.