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Make a Difference

Our work across the region makes a difference in the lives of our customers, and the community. Our team helps making tomorrow’s dreams today’s realit

Changing Lives

Our team empowers each client to reach his/her potential by providing access to credit.

You are the key to
our success

Each of our team members brings a unique flavour and value to the organization which is priceless

Make a difference
key to our success
Changing Lives

Explore your career path and opportunities

The following are the various roles in our organization

  • Accounts
  • Operations Marketing Accounts
  • Administration & Support
  • Senior Management Human Resources Administration & Support

    Career Testimonials

    • Thank you for your kind way in which your company does business. Keep it up! I appreciate it very much.

      J. Byone
    • Thanks for assisting in what I set out to do to advance my business.

      K. Philip
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    Make a difference
    key to our success
    Changing Lives

    Up to 70% of your personal and professional development comes from everyday experiences

    We know that the most enriching, career-enhancing experiences are gained on the job, and so this is a formal part of our career development framework. We plan assignments in ways that not only give our clients high-quality service, but that also provide you with the best environment for your career development. No matter where you go after finishing a project, you’ll have acquired important skills you can carry with you.

    Moving within our organization

    c1.1Mobility across geographical boundaries and service lines is all part of our commitment to seamless, high-performing teams. We offer cross-border & cross-service line placements with short or long-term engagements.That means you’ll be able to work in different environments, which offer exciting and challenging experiences. It will help you develop an inclusive mind-set and help our clients to thrive in an increasingly global market.

    Using your skills in the community

    c4Development isn’t just about learning. It’s about sharing your expertise with others too. You’ll be encouraged to use your professional skills within the community — giving something back, but also applying your leadership and communication skills in new and, often demanding, ways.

    Job Openings at Freedom

    Please find below available positions. Please review the respective job description, qualifications and requirements. To apply click on the apply button to the right.